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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I return to my fall mantel.  The process of decorating and creating vignettes is always a matter of tweaking, isn't it?  It is for me.  It's one thing to visualize something and another to physically achieve the look that pleases us.  

I knew I wanted to use my special "Give Thanks" and "Count Your Blessings" plates I bought several years ago, but they were barely visible against the white mantel background.  Thus the two mustard colored Pier One dinner plates I bought on impulse some years ago as well.  Now the plates "pop."  (Is that term used anymore?  For a while, EVERYTHING had to POP!)

I have only one small easel, which I couldn't find at the moment, so the Hobby Lobby heavy faux Indian corn holds the plates in place.

A dear friend grew birdhouse gourds last summer and gave me a couple of them.  I just LOVE the way this large one dried with such a beautiful patina!  I added a jute tassel and faux leaf to it.  Just a tweak with things I already had.

 And I tweaked .....
And tweaked...... 

Until the sun went down. Then I lit the candles, and I sat and admired my not-quite-perfect-but still-pretty mantel!

 Now, after looking at other fall mantels, I'm thinking of tweaking a bit more by adding some bare branches in containers to add some height near the ends of the mantel.  What do you think?

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Hope you enjoyed my Tale of Tweaking.  I love to get comments!!