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Sunday, January 19, 2014



Serendipity.  A happy word, connoting discovery, coincidence of important dimensions.

That's what happened last night when I casually followed a link from Thistlewood Farms to this post at Thrift Diving. WAIT! That's not the amazing part. I normally wouldn't have gone past the link to Serena's post and video (it was late at night and I'd been on a pinning binge and ....) to look at any other of Serena's posts, but I did this time, to see her furniture hoard.  Certainly some nice pieces, but this one popped out at me! Sudden recognition! The twin of Grandmother's buffet!!!

The twins have certainly had different life experiences over the years, but there's no denying the underlying family resemblance!

Her "skin" is smoother than this photo, taken with a phone camera, shows.  

And here is the upper drawer with its sliding insert that held political buttons, receipts, errant monopoly houses, and a host of treasures for young, nosy grandchildren!

Thanks to Serena for posting her furniture prizes and thanks to SERENDIPITY for guiding me to a previously unknown furniture twin!